Concord West Public School


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Road Safety

Concord West Public School welcomes safe and responsible road users. The streets that form the perimeter around the school can become very busy just before and just after school. Collectively, motor vehicles, bicycles, scooters and pedestrian traffic create a potentially dangerous road area
We ask that all our road users obey the rules of the road and exercise courtesy and caution at all times
Drop off and Pick Up
The school is bounded by Concord Road on the eastern side and Queen Street on the west. Concord Road is a main road and has no places where students can be collected or dropped off. Queen Street - at the back of the school- has a school crossing and a driveway that is an entry point to staff car parking and child care visitor parking.

Please support us by promoting a smooth and safe flow of traffic during the busy times before and after school. Of special importance is the need to avoid using the staff carpark as a pick up and drop-off area for students as this causes congestion and safety issues.

The Queen street frontage is clearly signposted - please observe all signs and road rules. This is critical in areas on or near crossings where visibility is the key factor in child safety.

Any area marked as "No Stopping" must be kept clear at all times. Also of importance is the need to keep all driveways clear - even a seemingly short stop can inconvenience the residents whose driveways are adjacent to the school.

Bicycle and Scooter Safety

Students are encouraged to ride their bikes and scooters to school, but must always wear an approved helmet when riding. When on school grounds, bikes and scooters are not to be ridden, but parked in the bike stands outside the office.

Road safety is a shared responsibility. We can all help by acting in a safe, responsible and caring manner.